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If Locks Could Talk: Five “Key” Moments in History

From the oldest locks to your own front door — take a look at the history of the lock and key.

Key Restriction

What You Need to Know about Key Restriction

A key restriction system can help you control access to your home or business — but is it right for you?

How to Thaw a Frozen Lock

How to Thaw a Frozen Lock

A frozen lock can keep you out of your home while allowing intruders easy access. Take these steps to keep your locks secure throughout the winter season.

A History of Love Locks

The Key to One’s Heart: A History of Love Locks

While the exact origins of this tradition remain unknown, love locks continue to adorn bridges across the world. Until 2015, any local or tourist crossing Paris’ Pont des Arts would have found […]

Things Intruders Hate

A Burglar’s Nightmare: The Top 5 Things Intruders Hate

  Surefire ways to say, “enter at your own risk.”

should I change my locks

Should I Talk to My Landlord Before I Change My Locks?

Looking to amp up your apartment security? We say, go for it: in most cases, you don’t need to speak to management before changing the locks on your door.


These Eye-Opening Statistics Show How, When, and Where Most Break-Ins Occur

Burglaries and in-home invasions are more common than you think — but taking proper safety measures can keep your home safe.


How Pick-Resistant Cylinders Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

A pick-resistant cylinder can discourage even experienced thieves from attempting to enter your home.


Jay’s Tips for Protecting Your Home From Key Bumping (It’s Easier than Picking a Lock!)

A majority of homes are susceptible to key bumping; make sure yours isn’t one of them.

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If Locks Could Talk: Five “Key” Moments in History Read...

What You Need to Know about Key Restriction Read...