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Your first line of defense against the bad guys is your front door and its lock. If you can keep them out then and there, they’ll move on and try somewhere else. But not all locks are created equal. Make sure the safety of your home isn’t left in the hands of inferior products. Lockbusters uses the highest-security locks on the market. It doesn’t get safer than this.

Flat-Rate Pricing

When you get a price from Lockbusters, we stick to it. Installation and service charges are included. Everything but Uncle sam’s cut. So there are no unpleasant surprises when we finish the job.

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Progressive Jimmy Proof Deadbolt $249


The Classic: Jimmy-Proof Deadbolt Grade 1

New Yorkers love it for a reason. This classic deadbolt is New York’s most popular lock because it gets the job done, pure and simple. The majority of people whose homes are broken into don’t have deadbolts on their doors. Don’t become one of them. In this city, we all talk about street smarts. Don’t you want your home to be smart too? Get a deadbolt.

Progressive Jimmy Proof Deadbolt $199

The New New Yorker: Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Grade 2

Like the Grade 1, this deadbolt gets the job done…and on a budget. We know there are those of you out there who just moved here, just graduated, just signed your first lease, and are feeling the sting of having to fork over first and last month’s rent and moving costs. Fear not, it’s The Classic Junior to the rescue. And at $199 (including installation), you won’t have to be eating ramen noodles all month long.

standard-cylinder-change $99

Peace of Mind in 20 Minutes: Standard Cylinder Change

New apartment? Or just a crazy ex? Ramp up your security without breaking the bank. Change your cylinders and keys with this quick, affordable process.  Knowing you’re the only one who has your set of keys is such a relief. Who knew peace of mind could be this easy?

High security-pick and bump resistant lock $199
4 lock security lock

Anti-Theft Lock: Security Pick and Bump-Resistant Multilock or Medeco Cylinder

You keep your entire life behind your door. So once it’s locked, you want it to stay locked. This product takes care of that. Crooks and robbers? Don’t bother. Ideal for non-doorman buildings.

Multi-Lock Cylinder Complete with Jimmy-Proof Deadbolt $349
4 lock security lock

The Classic: 2.0-Resistant Multilock or Medeco Cylinder Combined with a Jimmy-Proof Deadbolt

The classic NYC lock, upgraded to the next level. Higher security, additional safeguards, and even less worrying. How else can we put it? It just works – better.

medico-top-lock $389
4 lock security lock

The Mom-Approved Lock: Security Pick and Bump Resistant Cylinder, With Jimmy Proof Deadbolt, and Protective Plate

Freaked out that your kid is living alone in New York City? Sleep well knowing that the Mom-Approved Lock is on duty. See how many features it has? That’s why moms love it. This lock will keep your kids’ apartment safe. Now if it could only keep it clean… 

multi-lock-top-guard $359
5 lock security

The Worry-Free Lock: Multi-lock Top Guard

Or $429 (with deadbolt). This is like having a rottweiler on your door. This lock is huge and intimidating to intruders and people who are up to no good. The ultimate visual deterrent that will have thieves looking for another door. This lock says to crooks: Keep Out.

Crazy-ex-husband-lock $429
5 lock security

The Crazy Ex-Husband Lock: Mul-T-Lock or Medeco Tubular Deadbolt

Jay’s favorite lock. He has seen it put to the test in real time, when a crazy ex-husband tried to break down his wife’s door. The lock held firm. Even Jack Nicholson in The Shining couldn’t break through this bad boy.

Schlage-Tubular-Deadbolt $289
4 lock security lock

The Universal Fit: Schlage Tubular Deadbolt

Do you have an older door, or live in a pre-war building? These versatile locks are made to work with any NYC door. Good for offices and perfect for outswinging doors. Sometimes one size does fit all.

quickset-tubular-deadbolt-3-rating $189


Kwickset’s Universal Fit: Kwickset Tubular Deadbolt

These standard deadbolts offer an easy fit to any door, especially Upper West Side apartment doors. Available for apartment, closet or bedroom doors. Keep your privacy with a tubular Deadbolt.

quickset-knob-lock $99
2 lock security

The Roomate Lock: Kwickset Knob Lock

You can only have so much privacy when living with a roommate in NYC. But you can at least keep your bedroom private. This lock allows you to maintain your own space when you’re at work or away for the weekend. Your roommate throws parties? Get this lock so you won’t walk into your room Sunday morning to find a stranger in your bed. 

Mortise-Lock $289

4 lock security lock

The Workhorse: Marks Mortise Lock

Or the oversize for $375. The workhorse of locks: sturdy, not too flashy, and dependable. Standard lock that comes with most NYC apartments. Included with the installation: two brass plates, new mortise cylinder, and knob set with split spindle.

 Mutli-Lock MT5+ Cylinder $229
5 lock security

The James Bond Lock: Mutli-Lock MT5+ Cylinder

If James Bond needed a lock, he’d choose this one. The keys are laser-cut so they cannot be duplicated, which puts them on the cutting edge of home security. Have a cleaning service or dog walker? Do you need to submit keys to your super or landlord? Know that no one’s running around making copies of your keys. You’re protected. The 007 lock has got you covered.

Secure Window-Gates Custom made-Call for pricing
5 lock security

FDNY Approved Fire Escape Gates

This NYPD police man said it best: “What’s another name for a fire escape window? A burglar entrance.” Of all the work Jay does, nothing bums him out like the post-burglary job. Lockbusters strongly recommends installing fire escape gates over windows easily accessed by fire escapes. Available in either the standard or starburst style to add some flair to your home security.

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